Vehicle Donation

Donating your vehicle is truly a win-win decision.

Wilbert’s donation program is the best choice when you need to dispose of your vehicle. Not only are you donating valuable funds to your favorite charity, but your donation could make you eligible for a tax refund. We accept “end-of-life” vehicles for our U-Pull It lot, which means even if your car doesn’t run or seemingly has no value to you, it is still valuable to us. Any make or model is accepted for donation, domestic or foreign. We will also set up a towing service if you aren’t able to deliver the car to us.*

It’s Easy!
At Wilbert’s, we want to make sure your donation is as easy for you as possible.

You control where the proceeds from your car go. Wilbert’s works closely with many local charities. Being a local business ourselves, we believe in supporting the community we live and work in. When you donate your car through Wilbert’s, 100% of the proceeds go to the charity you choose and in return, you receive any possible tax benefits from this donation and the satisfaction of supporting the charity of your choice. All of the title transfer paperwork is done by us to make the process as easy as possible for you.
If you have a vehicle on your hands that needs more work than it’s worth or is simply taking up space on your property, come to us and we’ll help you donate it to the charity of your choice. We’ll put your end-of-life vehicle to good use by recycling its parts. It’s easy for you, profitable to the charity you choose, and the best decision for the environment. We work hard to make sure your choice to donate is responded to quickly and handled smoothly so the process is free of both worry and hassle.

How to Donate Your Vehicle
The process:

  1. Submit your request either by phone or online, (contact information is listed below) and select the charity you would like to donate to.
  2. We will contact you within one business day to collect any additional information we might need and to follow up with your request.
  3. Your vehicle is then either dropped off to our facility or we will arrange to have it towed if it is within our radius for towing services.
  4. You will then receive confirmation from us that your vehicle has been processed and donated. Within thirty days you will receive your tax documents and donation receipt from the charity of your choice.

Not everyone will be able to deduct their charitable contributions. Please see IRS Publication 4303 or consult with a tax professional for more information.


Why Donate Through Wilbert’s?
Donating through Wilbert’s, as opposed to a national organization, ensures the entire amount of the worth of your vehicle will be donated.

  1. We do not charge you or your charity for the donation process. One hundred percent of what we would pay you goes directly to the charity.
  2. You are in complete control of where the funds are donated.
  3. This is as much a benefit to the charity as it is to you. We pride ourselves in supporting locally run charities and we know you will feel the same should you choose to donate.
  4. Donating your car to Wilbert’s ensures that all usable parts will be reused, any metals recycled, and all hazardous fluids are drained in a responsible, environmentally friendly way.

*Please contact us for towing details. The car must be within a certain distance from our location or we may deduct a small portion of the car’s worth for the towing service.

Donate by phone:
(315) 589-2222


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