What is Wilbert's U-Pull It?
Wilbert’s U-Pull It is a self serve auto parts recycler that gives the customer the ability to save money by removing parts themselves.
What is the cost of entry?
We charge $2 per person for entry, be aware that customers must be over the age of 18 years old to enter the yard and children cannot be left unattended.
Why do you charge a $2 entrance fee?
To form a binding contract and to cover insurance costs.
What are the benefits of a U-Pull It auto parts yard?
Save money by removing parts yourself and make sure you get the correct part the first time.
What auto manufacturers do you carry?
We carry GM, Mopar, Ford, Asian imports, European imports, with multiple models available.
Why do you need my birth date on the admission waiver?
To verify your age for insurance purposes.
Why am I not allowed to bring my child out in the yard if I am supervising them?
Wilbert’s insurance strongly states that you MUST be 18 or older to enter the yard. NO EXCEPTIONS!
What color is the vehicle and why can't you tell me?
To help keep costs down we only inventory year, make, model and row number.
What is a CORE and why are there CORE charges on just about everything?
CORE stands for cash on receipt exchange. If you bring back your old part we will refund your CORE charge. The CORE is then would rather pay you for it so we can recycle your core rather than it ending up in a landfill.
What do I need to pull parts?
You will need your own tools which will be checked in on arrival and checked out upon exit, we do not sell, rent or supply any tools, so make sure you bring what you need to complete your parts needs.
What tools are not allowed in yard?
We do not allow jacks, torches, oxygen bottles, body saws, compressors, generators, battery packs, etc.
Why am I not allowed to smoke in the yard?
It is nearly impossible to extract all the gas from the vehicle. Therefore the yard is filled with fumes which makes it extremely dangerous for any type of flame or spark to be in the yard. There is a strict no smoking policy for the entire Wilbert’s facility and yard.
Are battery powered tools allowed in the yard?
We do allow hand held battery powered tools in the yard to assist in pulling parts.
Are pets allowed in yard?
In consideration of all customers and potential dangers we do not allow pets in the yard.
What is the Environmental Fee and why do I have to pay it?
Wilbert’s adds a 2% charge to all purchases to help keep the yard clean and organized.
What do you offer to assist in pulling parts?
The customer is required to bring all tools required to remove parts, we do not loan tools. Wilbert’s U-Pull It wheelbarrows, carts and engine gantries are available at no charge for your convenience. Wilbert’s does have two full service facilities that will pull parts for you, Wilbert’s PRP and Wilbert’s Lakeside.
Where am I allowed to smoke?
This is a tobacco & alcohol free facility. Anyone breaking these rules or not observing the safety policies of the yard will be asked to leave without any admission refund.
Why am I not allowed to bring my coffee into the yard?
Wilbert’s has a strict policy of no open containers allowed into the yard to ensure the safety of all our customers.
Do you keep inventory of parts separately?
No we do not have parts individually inventoried, when you arrive, we will print out a list of makes and models in the yard that have the same part that you are looking for.
Can I bring a part in for reference?
If you bring your own parts to match they must be marked before entering the yard. You will be charged for all unmarked parts brought to the counter.
I just want to look, why do I have to pay $2?
Many customers want to look at first, however we have to charge $2 for insurance purposes to gain entry into the yard.
Why do I need my receipt if the part is marked?
Proof of purchase date. We can not issue store credit without the receipt number. This ensures a part can only be returned once.
What parts can't you sell?
Airbags, catalytic converters and pistons.
Do you offer a discount if the part is damaged?
All parts are sold in “As Is” condition. The prices of our parts incorporate imperfections. Bartering is not accepted and will not be tolerated. Our prices are as low as we can make them and in order to keep the lines moving parts will be totaled at the same cost as listed on our price list.
What is the process of selling my car to Wilbert's?
To sell your car you need to empty the car of all personal belongings. The license plates must be removed at the time of sale by the seller. You must have the title of the car with you and have no liens on it. Fill out our Cash for your Vechicle form for a quote on your car today.