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Wilbert’s PRP stocks thousands of new and recycled automotive parts for more than just General Motors.  We offer nationwide shipping on most parts and free same or next day shipping to local repair shops and automotive dealers in the upstate New York region.

If you do not see what you’re looking for in stock please give us a call at 585-872-1540 as we are a premier member of Team PRP Northeast. What this means to our customer is a consistent premium recycled part delivered next day.  This partnership of almost 20 progressive automotive recycling facilities trade parts every single weeknight.  This expands our inventory immensely and reduces delivery time almost by half.

Our Parts Grading Process

The quality of our parts is what sets us apart from the “other” guys.  A visual of the parts grading process is shown below.  If our part says “5P1” that means our part has an hour of work needed to fix a parking lot ding in section 5 of the part shown below.  If at any times your are not sure please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our sales professionals at (585)872-1540 or (315)244-8800.

Rust Free Southern Parts

Wilbert’s is now stocking a wide variety of rust free southern engine cross-members, and front and rear impact bars.

In the salt belt vehicles are prone to salt corrosion and damage due to salt exposure. Moreover certain cars are prone to vital parts rotting that will affect safety and ability to drive.

Wilbert’s is proud to stock a wide variety of the most commonly requested front sub-frames that are directly out of the south where salt is not present on the roads! Like new K-Frames at a fraction of the cost from the OEM Dealer!

These frames still have the black paint on them and are ready to be installed to give your vehicles many more years of service.

Also we are now beginning to stock used front and rear bumper reinforcement bars (crash items) which are rust free ready for paint and ready to install.

Call or search today for the parts you are looking for!