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U-Pull It Offering Cash for Your Vehicle - November 9, 2015

U-Pull It is saying goodbye to checks! We are simplifying our buying process by putting cash in your hand and on the spot for your vehicle. We will even bring your cash to you if your vehicle needs to be towed by Wilbert's! Do you have an end of life car, truck or van that has become an eyesore to your family and neighbors? Insurance company not giving you the money you need after an accident? Wilbert's wants to turn your vehicle into cash today! It's simple, call (315) 589-2222 and hit "1" to speak directly with our buyer or fill out a vehicle quote form and a representative will give you a price for your vehicle within 24 hours!

U-Pull It Donates to Webster Schroeder High School - October 13, 2015

Wilbert’s U-Pull It donated two vehicles to Webster Schroeder High School’s Automotive/Transportation program. The automotive classes are offered to all high school students.  These classes instruct students on functions such as: how to change oil, put on a mini spare, change fuses, the proper way to lift a vehicle, and vehicle safety. The vehicles donated from Wilbert’s U-Pull It will provide the student hands on experience to practice these functions. The course instructor, Andy Gill encourages students of all ages to learn automotive basics. Gill tells Wilbert’s that he is worried that students today lack basic automotive knowledge that every licensed driver should know. Wilbert’s U-Pull It encourages teens to learn the automotive basics because every car enthusiast has to start somewhere! 

Wilbert's U-Pull It Tire Shop - August 18, 2015

"With our promise to rebuild bigger and better the Wilbert's organization decided to provide customers with a full service tire shop on site"

-Eric Wilbert, General Manager of Wilbert's U-Pull It

From day one our tires have separated us from the standard self serve yard. The efficient organization and simple pricing system has kept our customers coming back for more. Any tire pulled from the yard or on the rack ranges from $10 to $50. An estimated 6,000 used tires (and growing) are available for customers "pulling" in the yard and on racks. Many of these tires are brand name including Goodyear, Firestone, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Dunlop and more. Wilbert's also stocks snow tires separately to quickly outfit your vehicle for the harsh winter conditions. Mounting and balancing tires starts at $10/tire and goes up whether it is installed or not. We are proud to be offering this service and look forward to working with the community we have grown to love.

Grand Opening Was a Success! - April 18, 2015

On Saturday April 18th, Wilbert’s U-Pull It celebrated its grand opening with over 800 people from our community. The day began early at 7am as our employees and volunteers gathered to prepare for the festivities. Our facility was blessed by Father Tim Horan from Holy Trinity parish before a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Williamson Chamber of Commerce. After the ceremony, we were officially ready to celebrate in the beautiful, sunny Spring weather.

Big Dog Country 103.5 kicked off the day as we began playing games like spin-the-wheel for prizes and giving out our Wilbert’s U-Pull It Grand Opening t-shirts to the first 200 guests. After going on a tour of our brand new 11,000 square ft. facility and admiring the state-of-the-art lifts used in our vehicle processing, guests were able to gather outside for photo ops with race cars and a monster truck while we prepared to serve lunch. WBEE 92.5 came out to DJ throughout the rest of the day as everyone enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, pizza, cookies and soft drinks. The East Williamson Fire Dept performed a “Jaws of Life” demonstration to show our guests how they physically take apart a vehicle to save lives. All lot entrance fees were donated to the East Williamson and Williamson Fire Departments, totaling $1,000.

All in all, the day was a complete success. We could not have asked for better weather, volunteers, and guests to celebrate this very special day with us.

Go Green - March 5, 2015

Wilbert's U-Pull It was featured on the WROC News 8 Go Green Segment. Reporter Katrina Irwin spoke with General Manager Eric Wilbert briefly about the vehicle processing procedure. The process begins with all the fluids being drained or vacuumed out, with oil and coolant drained into a 54' long drain pan. From there the oil and coolant are separated and pumped into separate 3000 gallon storage tanks. The coolant is recycled and sold while the oil is used to heat the building. The vehicle processing lifts twist and tilt recovering up to 30% more fluid than a conventional lift. This enables Wilbert's to recover more fluid properly, ensuring a green future for years to come.

Progress Since Last Year's Tragedy - November 26th, 2014

It was a year ago today that our less-than-a-year old structure was burnt to the ground, but construction of a new facility began almost immediately after. Today, we look back on this past year at all of the progress we've made at Wilbert’s U-Pull It. Since we began construction, our team at U-Pull It has worked diligently, not only to reconstruct the building, but also to serve our customers while in the process. We are thrilled by how far we have come and although it hasn't been easy, we are on pace with our schedule to rebuild. Operating out of temporary structures has not been easy, but it has been worth it to continue to be able to provide service to our customers. We are looking forward to being able to utilize our new facility and offer a “bigger and better” version of our original Wilbert’s U-Pull It for our customers.

The Family of Wilbert's U-Pull It

More Additions to the Yard - September 25th, 2014

Engine Wagons

Providing the customer with convenience items at a completely self-serve auto recycling facility is not a common practice. Here at Wilbert's U-Pull It we are doing just that in many different ways. We now are offering free use of our brand new wagons to any customer pulling a motor, transmission, axle or larger item that does not fit in a wheelbarrow easily. These are custom built wagons that will greatly assist customers in bringing their heavier items up front and to their vehicle.

Wilbert's would also like to announce the addition of our second engine hoist. The first one was such a great success that we decided to bring a second one on board. We made a few changes to this one and hope to see it last for customers to enjoy over many years.

Wilbert's U-Pull It Commercial - August 2014

Wilbert's U-Pull It is the place to go for all of your self-serve salvage yard needs. We also pay top-dollar for your vehicle. Check out the commercial below and see for yourself!

Wilbert's Adds Engine Hoist to Yard

Engine Hoist Added to Yard - August 1st, 2014

Wilbert's U-Pull It is proud to introduce the first engine hoist that is free of charge for all customers. This hoist is designed to aid in the removal of any part needed from the drivetrain of a vehicle. With 360 degrees of movement on each of the four spindles it can be maneuvered over any vehicle in the yard. This is a welcomed addition to our yard and will provide added safety and assistance for customers.

Please check back in the near future for another addition to Wilbert's U-Pull It.

Under Construction! - June 23rd, 2014

Construction of the new Wilbert's U-Pull It main facility is underway. Construction began Monday June 16 after much preparation of the site done by the Wilbert's staff. Wilbert's is anticipating a rather quick construction time frame and is planning on processing vehicles inside by the end of this year.

Wilbert's U-Pull It Construction
Wilbert's U-Pull It Construction Frame

We appreciate all the support from our customers and look forward to serving you for many years to come!

Fire Destroys U-Pull It Customer Service and Processing Facility -
November 27th, 2013

On November 26th 2013, around 9AM, a fire destroyed our customer service and processing facility at our new U-Pull It location in Williamson, New York. Fortunately, there were no employees in the building at the time and no one was injured. Unfortunately, the building and contents are a total loss.

We want to especially thank the first responders from the Williamson, East Williamson, Sodus and Pultneyville fire departments for their efforts battling and containing the blaze. We work closely with our local fire departments through out the year providing them with scrap cars to practice their fire fighting and vehicle extraction techniques. By knowing our facility layout they did an excellent job minimizing the potential for this to have been an even far worse situation.

While it will take some time to completely rebuild, we are working feverishly to set up a temporary customer service facility. It is our hopes that within a couple of weeks we can have a temporary trailer in place with the necessary power, phones and computers to reopen the retail side of the business.

Please check our web site www.wilbertsupullit.com and Facebook often as we will be posting updates regularly on our progress. In the interim, if you need to speak with someone regarding our U-Pull It operations, calls can be directed to Eric Wilbert at our Wilbert's PRP Location 585-872-1540.

You should also be aware that our other two full service locations may be able to help with your used parts needs until U-Pull It is back up and running. For all General Motor products, contact Wilbert's PRP at 585-872-1540. For all other domestic models and imports, Contact Wilbert's Lakeside at 315-524-8800.

For existing customers that have any parts or cores to return, please bring them to either our PRP location at 1272 salt road, Webster, NY or our Lakeside location at 6333 lakeside road, Ontario NY 14519. For those customers with store credit we will be extending the time for you to use it 90 days from when we reopen.

From all of us at Wilbert's thank you for your patience and have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

- Eric Wilbert

We're Expanding Already - September 11, 2013

Wilbert's U-Pull It is Expanding

When we formally opened our doors for business 6 months ago, we did so with guarded optimism. Since that beginning, you've let us know that you like what we've done, and want more. As such, we have decided to invest further by expanding our physical vehicle capacity, and also to provide you with an enhanced customer service experience.

This expansion includes room for more vehicles to choose from, and also a brand new, state of the art "point of sale" computer system. This new system allows us to quickly look up vehicles we have in stock, and in turn, it streamlines the checkout process.  The system also allows for purchasing vehicles quicker, ensuring we have a constant flow of fresh inventory for you to choose from.

The yard expansion work is progressing at a fevered pace and we anticipate we will be completing and opening it in early September.  With this expansion, our vehicle capacity offering will increase by nearly 1,000 vehicles, essentially doubling our current inventory for your inspection.  These system upgrades and yard expansion would not have been made possible without you, our loyal customers.

Look for future announcements regarding our opening of this addition and our increased INVENTORY available for your picking at “WILBERTS U-Pull It”!


-Eric Wilbert

Grand Opening Event - April 20th, 2013

Snowflakes in the air did not dampen the spirits of over 500 visitors to the new Wilbert's U-Pull It in Williamson, NY. All those who toured the facility were amazed at the efficiencies of the operation and especially the emphasis on responsible recycling. The turn out was such a success that Wilbert's is already planning an open house in conjunction with Earth Day again for next year.

Wilbert's U-Pull It Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting
Wilbert's U-Pull It Grand Opening
Wilbert's U-Pull It Grand Opening

Customers have been flocking to Wilbert's since the opening to save hundreds of dollars on auto parts. They are all amazed at the cleanliness of the facility and tell us frequently they are customers for life.

For more information visit us on Facebook or call us at 1-315-589-2222