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Rust Free Southern Parts - May 25, 2016

Wilbert's is now stocking a wide variety of rust free southern engine cross-members, and front and rear impact bars.

In the salt belt vehicles are prone to salt corrosion and damage due to salt exposure. Moreover certain cars are prone to vital parts rotting that will affect safety and ability to drive.

Wilbert's is proud to stock a wide variety of the most commonly requested front sub-frames that are directly out of the south where salt is not present on the roads! Like new K-Frames at a fraction of the cost from the OEM Dealer!

These frames still have the black paint on them and are ready to be installed to give your vehicles many more years of service.

Also we are now beginning to stock used front and rear bumper reinforcement bars (crash items) which are rust free ready for paint and ready to install.

Call or search today for the parts you are looking for!

Wilbert’s Gives Back for Christmas - December 19. 2015

Wilbert’s Premium Recycled Parts presents the check for $19,000.00 on December 19th 2015 to Lieutenant Josh Kuhn on behalf of the Wounded Warriors project. Wilbert’s, along with PRP North East partners donated to a great cause which will provide relief to thousands of injured military men and women returning from the battlefield. To date, the WWP has served over 95,000 veterans and their families.

It is an honor to work with such a compassionate group of independent automotive recyclers who share our belief in giving back to our community each year. This is the second year that team PRP-NE has donated to the wounded warriors project. For years, the automotive recycling partners who became friends exchanged gift baskets to each containing expendable items. Last year, the partners instead agreed that it would be more beneficial this time of the year to donate it to the men and women who have given us so much. To date team PRP-NE has raised a total of $40,000.00 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Wilbert's Inc. Employee Retires after 46 Years - June 23, 2015

By Melanie Wilbert

"Greg started with a job description of ‘Whatever needs to be done is what you have to do’. After a few years, his mechanical ability and his attention to detail led him to new responsibilities. These responsibilities included repairing flood cars, fire jobs, tractors, bulldozers, loaders, and our fleet of vehicles. As well as building and welding racks of many different types. We have been blessed to have Greg grow alongside of us for 46 years” 


-G. Peter Wilbert

When Greg Leiston first started working for Wilbert’s in 1969 “Art Wilbert and Son’s” was the name of the company and there were just 10 employees. After helping Wilbert’s grow tremendously over the past 46 years, Greg is retiring.

“I graduated high school June 22nd 1969; It was a Friday on Monday I was at work.” says Greg

Wilbert’s Inc owners Pete, Rick and Ron Wilbert organized a retirement party in Greg’s honor where the Wilbert Family, friends and coworkers reminisced about the impact he has had on the company.

Greg originally worked as a mechanic for Wilbert’s but eventually came to specialize in equipment maintenance.“ I would change the oil on the machinery and keep records of when they were changed. I felt I impacted the longevity, I was a real maintenance freak.”

Greg worked directly under the company’s founder Arthur Wilbert“ He was a worker, he had no problem working right alongside of you to do anything.” says Greg

“He’d always do the best to get the most out of you when you’d go in the yard he would run and you’d have to run after him this was before we had the yard vehicles.”

Like many of us Greg was greatly impacted by the technology advances in his career“ We had to become car computer smart we were learning right along with everyone else.”

“Front wheel drive cars were brand new in 81, I remember the dealers would say ‘when you figure it out would you let us know? ’We did a lot of innovative stuff in the early 80’s”

Greg’s contribution to Wilbert's PRP was very influential in the growth and success of the company and the impact he has made on our company will never be forgotten.

Customer Satisfaction

"The customer is the boss. If we don’t have them, we don’t have anything."
-Rick Wilbert

Gina Leonardo of Emerson Collision in Rochester has been working with Wilbert’s for over fourteen years, but her father and Uncle have been purchasing from Wilbert’s for over forty years. When asked what it is that makes Emerson Collision (also a family owned and operated business) continue to buy from Wilbert’s, Gina replied, “They’re very honest and upfront about what you’re getting. Their price point is unbelievable. If there are any issues with parts, they go above and beyond. I can’t say enough about them.”

Al DeBuono from Hastings Collision has also worked with Wilbert’s for over forty years. Al Continues to purchase from Wilbert’s today, stating, “Issues are resolved immediately. Repairs are quicker because of it and my customers are happier. In the salvage arena, Wilbert’s is a number one vendor. They do a great job and continue to be progressive.”

Wilbert’s has thrived as a business since it began in 1952 as a result of these longstanding relationships. The Wilbert family and their employees will continue to go above and beyond for customers both new and old.