Wilbert's Lakeside News

Rust Free Southern Parts - May 25, 2016

Wilbert's is now stocking a wide variety of rust free southern engine cross-members, and front and rear impact bars.

In the salt belt vehicles are prone to salt corrosion and damage due to salt exposure. Moreover certain cars are prone to vital parts rotting that will affect safety and ability to drive.

Wilbert's is proud to stock a wide variety of the most commonly requested front sub-frames that are directly out of the south where salt is not present on the roads! Like new K-Frames at a fraction of the cost from the OEM Dealer!

These frames still have the black paint on them and are ready to be installed to give your vehicles many more years of service.

Also we are now beginning to stock used front and rear bumper reinforcement bars (crash items) which are rust free ready for paint and ready to install.

Call or search today for the parts you are looking for!

Automotive Recycling Facility Grand Opening and Earth Day Celebration- 4/22/16

Pictured Above: The Wilbert Family with the Honorable Mark Johns (6th from Right) and Ontario Councilman Richard Leszyk (5th from Right).

The Wilbert family is proud to celebrate our newest building a 14,000 square foot sales, warehouse and  vehicle dismantling facility at our Ontario, NY location with a ribbon cutting ceremony, tours, and hosting of local dignitaries. This year's celebration coincided with Earth Day, which has become a tradition at Wilbert’s we offered each attended a free tree to plant emphasizing our dedication to the environment and responsible recycling for future generations.

These events have given us an invaluable opportunity to share with our neighbors and local community leaders such as New York State Assemblyman the Honorable Mark Johns and Ontario, NY Councilman Richard Leszyk, the value that we provide to the community in our new state-of -the-­art facility. Assemblyman Johns complemented Wilbert’s for their innovation and reinvestment in the community stating, “this is one of the finest operations I have seen and to see the way the Wilbert’s are leading the recycling business with this modern facility is exciting.”

The Wilbert family has been in business operating in Rochester as an automotive recycling facility since 1952, now spanning 3 total locations in Webster, Ontario and Williamson. If you would like to learn more about Wilbert’s family of business’ you can visit www.wilbertsinc.com, or call and schedule a tour of one of our facilities.

Construction Moving Forward at Lakeside - 10/9/15

We broke ground on July 20th 2015 on our 14,000 sq ft state of the art building. In less than two months 245 cubic yards of cement has been poured inside. The building will have five dismantling bays and one inventory bay. The dismantlers will now have access to new equipment such as suction guns, 12,000 lb. lifts, an Oil Water Separator, independent work areas, and individual overhead hoists. The entire South processing wing will be insulated with a sound proof material to keep noise levels at a minimum. A new feature for full service recyclers will be a gas punch building. No longer will our dismantlers have the painstaking process of dropping tanks “the old fashioned way”.

Our inventory personnel will no longer have to brave the elements to grade and photograph vehicles as they will now have their own indoor work bay. Our new retail area will be bright and airy with new furniture, phone systems, and several cubicles for commercial sales reps as well as an office for a future sales manager.

The completion of the new building is still on schedule for January 2016. We are anticipating that the many new mechanical and ergonomic improvements will increase overall processing production by roughly 25%.

The state of the art facility was expertly crafted by our very own Bob Wilbert. *For photos & videos of the construction check out our page www.facebook.com/wilbertslakeside

Lakeside South Wing Dismantling - 6/18/15

It may not look like much today but this is the future site of the Dismantling building at Wilbert’s Lakeside. The ground is currently being leveled and cleared to stake out a 13,930 square foot building. The new building will contain Six 30’ x 18’ bays to allow six employees to work at once. This will increase daily output as our current building only has enough equipment to support three dismantlers. Modernizing the way we dismantle vehicles with sling hoists, a modern oil water separator, suction guns, collection pans and individualized bays will lead to an increase in product output and employee satisfaction.

Bays one thru five will be used by the dismantlers - the Sixth bay will be used as an indoor inventory bay. Our inventory manager will now be able to work indoors and will no longer be exposed to the elements. All the vehicles purchased must first be inventoried. The cosmetic parts of the vehicles are thoroughly graded up Automotive Recyclers Association standards. Dents, dings, rust, color codes, all is accounted for. The mechanical parts are tested and an upwards of 35-40 pictures are taken. All of the information for the original vehicle and each and every recyclable part is entered into a computerized database designed exclusively for automotive recyclers.

The dismantlers begin by extracting all vehicle fluids. The current process is to let these fluids drain into separate 5 gallon buckets and then transfer the buckets into 55 gallon drums. Although this is up to standards the process can be inefficient and there is a chance for spillage and ultimately is back breaking labor for our employees. The new building will be equipped with suction guns that will vacuum out washer fluid and antifreeze. The fluid will be channeled through underground lines into the 3,000 gallon tanks and then resold at the retail counter in one gallon jugs. The guns will allow a simplified fluid extraction. Small advances like these will ease the work of our employees and diminish any chances of error or spillage.

Capturing oil will also be simplified with the addition of five one ton sling hoists and our Oil Water Separator which will be installed in the new building. The hoists will provide the means for the dismantler to lift the engine and transmission out of the vehicles with ease, and without the loader operator’s assistance. The self-sufficiency the hoists will provide to our dismantlers should increase output. Once removed from the vehicle the Engine and transmission will be transported to one of the five collection pans with spigots installed. Underground fluid lines will channel fluid to the oil water separator. Once the pure oil is extracted it can be sold or used to fuel on-site boilers.

Once the excess fluids are safely drained the dismantling begins. Each part is carefully removed and tagged. The tagged parts are now ready to be shelved. Warehouse personnel will locate the part, scanning the bar code on the shelf and the tag will automatically update our inventory. The part is now visible to our sales counter. The part is now ready for sale.

The automotive industry is constantly changing and we must adapt accordingly. Advances made to our Dismantling department are just one of the many aspects that we are changing to keep our facility running smoothly. Wilbert’s Incorporated is evolving to better satisfy our customers, our employees and our community.

Construction Progress at Wilbert's Lakeside - 6/17/15

The gas punch building modernizes the way Wilbert’s Lakeside recycles the fuel left in the tanks of salvage vehicles. Punching holes will eliminate potential hazard and ease the work of our Employees. The shell of the gas punch building is now complete. Now onto the interior - the next step will be to lay wire mesh and pour the concrete. The addition of a core bin in the building will provide a designated location for employees to place cores. “Cores” are what automotive recyclers refer to as the scrap parts that are no longer functioning that will be recycled without any chance of resale. The designated bin keeps cores organized and increases the efficiency of Wilbert’s Lakeside.

Simultaneously, the trees are being removed and fence lines are being established on the Northeast area of Lakeside’s property. This area will eventually become the employee parking lot. The lot will be fenced in 10 feet inside of the property line to provide adequate space for an earth berm. A ten foot high fence will be erected and the area outside of the fencer will be landscaped to provide neighborhood appeal. 

Wilbert’s Lakeside Construction: Gas Punch Building and Core Storage - April 23, 2015

The goal of construction at Wilbert’s Lakeside will be a larger, state-of-the-art facility that accommodates growth in business and more efficient, safer processing techniques. The new, more competent design allows for a higher standard in automotive recycling, which is essential for the health and safety of both our employees and the environment. The first step in breaking ground at Lakeside will be a separate building for fuel recycling and core storage.

Fuel drainage is an essential part of vehicle processing. To prepare the vehicle for placement in our lot, the fuel must be removed. Currently at Lakeside, the fuel is emptied by removing the gas tank from the vehicle and is then emptied into what is called a “gas buggy”. A gas buggy extracts the fuel from the vehicle and is stored there until it’s recycled. However, this creates more weight on the vehicle for the dismantler and comes with the potential hazards of handling a highly flammable substance. The new gas-punch building resolves these issues. Before the vehicle goes on to further processing, it will first be brought to this new building to be placed on a stationary rack. The gas tank will then be punctured and emptied completely, removing this step for dismantlers and keeping the fuel contained in the safety of this structure until further utilization.

Engines and transmissions that are no longer functioning are referred to as “cores”. Rebuilding an engine or transmission is much more affordable than purchasing new, which is why the cores are still valuable- the individual parts can be reused. Currently, these cores are kept in a large bin sealed with foam insulation. Because these bins are kept outside, rainwater inevitably collects. Absorbent material is added to the bin to prevent any leakage from the cores. This is essential for the safety of our environment due to the presence of oil. The new structure for containing cores will be much more efficient in lessening environmental impact as it will be completely enclosed with a concrete pad underneath the bin. That means no collection of rainwater and no contact with the ground.

The addition of this facility is physical proof of the strides we are taking at Wilbert’s to become the best in automotive recycling for our customers, our environment, and our employees.

"We are very excited to have a gas punch rack and engine & transmission core bin as part of our building plans. It will be safer for the employees by reducing the handling of heavy gas tanks when dismantled. Every gas tank will be drained prior to dismantling using the gas punch rack system. Having the core bin included in the design is also something we wanted to include in the new building. It will no longer be outside exposed to the elements; it will be fully covered to help ensure there are no issues with oil. In case of a spill or leak the container will be on a concrete pad to prevent any negative environmental impact."

-Aaron Wilbert, third generation manager at Wilbert’s Lakeside

Wilbert’s Lakeside will be breaking ground on a 13,000 square foot building in the coming months to accommodate the growth of the business for years to come. In the beginning of March, the Wilbert's family met with the Town Planning Board of Ontario and received approval to proceed with their plans for the proposed construction.

The new Wilbert’s Lakeside will include a state-of-the art dismantling area, allowing for the efficient processing of vehicles as well as increased production. To accommodate the increase in production, we are expanding our warehouse space by 7,500 square feet. Employees at Lakeside are already preparing for construction by clearing areas and leveling ground. Weather permitting, the projected date to begin is May 1st. One of the first additions will be a facility that allows for more safe and effective fuel draining. With the help of Fingerlakes Construction, our building plans are on their way to becoming a reality at Wilbert’s Lakeside.

The Wilbert’s Family and employees are excited for the future with this investment and can’t wait to continue to deliver the high quality parts and service that the Upstate New York Region has come to expect.